We Buy Chicagoland Houses

There are plenty of reasons why people sell their homes…


  • Foreclosure Process
  • Divorce Proceedings
  • Underwater on Mortgage
  • Loss of Employment
  • Property Inheritance
  • Military Deployment
  • Property Down Sizing
  • To Save Money
  • Impending Retirement

With Chicago area foreclosures up more than 50 percent since 2007 the number of displaced homeowners who cannot afford their original mortgage or even a new modified mortgage agreement has drastically increased. The rise in Chicagoland foreclosures has also quadrupled the number of houses being left vacant and in distress because post foreclosure pricing is still not affordable for most buyers in the current economy.

This lethal combination of “Displaced Homeowners” and “Distressed Properties” have helped make the Chicagoland real estate market hit historically low levels. With vacant, boarded up and abandoned homes being present on almost every city block. A typical foreclosed Chicago property eventually sells for as little as 50% of it’s foreclosed mortgage balance.

We get personal with our clients and believe in taking a compassionate approach to your current situation. We take pride in forming a strategic partnership between the existing homeowner, their mortgage lender as well as potential buyers that may want to purchase real estate in the near future.

You are not alone, with millions of US homeowners upside down and underwater. We’re all in this economy together, with high unemployment and older individuals retiring from the job market it makes affording a long term, high balance mortgage payment almost impossible.

We can provide you with a FREE HOME EVALUATION ANALYSIS where our Mission is to educate home owners that they have a right not lose their property. You will find our honesty, professionalism, experience and sincere caring for our clients very refreshing. We look forward to helping you get from underneath your distressed financial situation!  We pride ourselves on our great customer service.

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