Our Services

Our Services

We are a local private community based property advocate that specializes in providing creative solutions for owners of distressed single family and multi-family real estate in your area. Our company can provide several options to purchase property FAST in CASH!!  In some cases in as little as 10 days!! We are looking to help as many sellers as possible by purchasing their property—ethically, simply, and at no cost to the seller! We are often the only solution to sellers who have not had any luck finding a true buyer for their property.

Www.ResetChicago.Com is a growing company who has a reputation of being in the PEOPLE business, not the “housing” business. We pride ourselves on connecting with our clients, associates and our real estate professional team. No matter what your situation is we can often find a solution that will work for both of us.

And best of all…At No Cost to You!

That’s right! We take care of all the closing costs. We are serious about buying your property and that’s our way of letting you know we’re not into squeezing every single penny from the seller. Quite the opposite! We’ll give you a fair market price for your property AND close within as little as 10 days if that’s what you like. We work on YOUR time!!

Www.ResetChicago.Com has the cash and real estate professional team in place to make sure the transaction runs smoothly. We only work with the most reputable title and escrow companies in your area. Our team of experts can answer any question you may have.

At the end of this report we answer some of the most commonly asked questions. Be sure to look this over. If you have more questions we’d be happy to answer those for you!

We can buy in Any location. Any condition or situation.

Make NO repairs!!

Pay NO commissions!!

Pay NO fees or closing costs!!

We look forward to helping you get from underneath your distressed financial situation! We pride ourselves on our great customer service.

Please text/call us to start your FREE CONSULTATION NOW!!