Will we close using an escrow and title company?

  • Yes! We will use a local escrow and title company to handle all the paperwork and to make sure we close the transaction correctly and ethically. This will also protect the both of us by making sure the title is clear for purchase.

How long will escrow take?

  • We are able to close escrow in 10 days or less! In as little as ten days you can rid yourself of the financial burden. However, if you need more time we can accommodate your schedule.

Will you buy our property in any condition?

  • Yes. We are willing to purchase your property in any condition. Let us worry about repairs…you worry about how to spend your money.

Are you really buyers or are you looking to list our property?

  • This is a very common and excellent question www.ResetChicago.com is interested in buying your property. We do not list properties. We only buy them!

I’m not interested in a low offer!

  • No problem! We can offer you a fair market price for your property. We’re in the business of listening to what you need and finding a solution that works for both of us.

How much do you charge?

  • Nothing. It’s absolutely free. If we can get this wrapped up right away we’ll even pay your closing costs. A lot of times commissions and closing costs add up to almost 10% of the purchase price! So just think of the money you’re saving right off the bat when you sell to us today!

Why should I sell to you instead of just hiring a real estate agent?

  • Well, are you looking to sell your house or just list it? A real estate agent won’t buy your house. We will! Plus by selling your house to us today you won’t need to pay commission.